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Hollywood Contributes To Violence Against Women – DUH!


It’s a first step by a big star to say such things….

Nicole Kidman’s first big hit was Dead Calm, a movie about a woman terrorized on a yacht by a crazy killer who killed her husband.  She has been a spokesperson for UNIFEM and is working to promote an International Violence Against Women Act.  I think her consciousness is just waking up.

It would be interesting to do research on movie content, particularly murder/mysteries to see how many victims of cinematic violence are women.

I remember years ago watching Masterpiece Theatre with my mother.  The show opened with the discovery of the body of a young women found in the woods.  It struck me then, the incongruity of entertainment and violence, particularly where women are concerned.

There’s something terribly wrong with a culture that sees entertainment value in watching other people suffer – whether male or female.

To anyone who says, oh but they’re just movies, just stories made up in the heads of writers, I say, advertisers spend billions on 30 sec ads that they believe will influence purchasing patterns.   What do you think a 5-minute scene of graphic violence will do?

I like to think that more women in production roles as studio heads, directors etc would turn the tide of movies that victimize women and show films of people celebrating life and/or overcoming adversity.  We’ll have to see.