Walking the talk…

The Walkathon I’ve been working on is happening this weekend, on Saturday, June 9, 2012.  I want to thank everyone who has helped me toward my goal so far.  I haven’t looked to check to see where I’m at yet, whether I made my modest goal of $250, I wanted to make one more plea from the heart. So here goes…I’ll tell you why this particular agency pulls at me to pull at you….

When my marriage broke up, I was a very fortunate woman, sort of.  Despite all the bad stuff that was going on I had the support of family and friends to help me through the trauma of the breakup.  And it was traumatic, to have my family broken apart and my life changed, yet again, but this time so drastically as I downsized and moved into my parents basement.

Now, returning home to live with your parents has become the trend of the moment, so I guess I could take pride that I led the way over 20 years ago.  But it didn’t feel like that at the time.  I had a job and it was important to be able to continue with work without having to worry about my children.  There was lots to consider as I looked forward to my different life.  I was nowhere near where I needed to be to find a suitable apartment and the means to furnish it.  The support of my parents, in letting me stay in a safe, secure and affordable space, while accepting my situation with love, compassion and understanding, was what allowed me the opportunity to get my life back on track.  That’s a lot like what the women get who come to Phoenix Place.

They get security for themselves and their kids.  They get help to deal with the things they need help with.  When they leave, they move into a permanent home complete with everything they need to furnish a new household and with resources to help them cope with their lives.

The number of women who apply for vacancies is greater than the available space.  Their circumstances are more desperate than those I found myself in.  And they have nowhere else to go, no one else to help them.  The impact of your donation will ripple through the organization and affect all the residents who benefit from space, programming and the services that Phoenix Place provides to women in our community.  And they have a fantastic success rate, 97% of the women served have successfully rebuilt their lives and continue to live in peace and security.

I know that the economy’s bad, that times are tough for everyone, everywhere.  But know that no donation is too small and when added to others, the amount will be a lifesaver.  You can donate online here:  http://www.phoenixplace.dojiggy.com/.  If you feel uncomfortable donating online, contact me privately and I can tell you where you can forward your donation.

Thanks for taking the time to read my appeal.

Take care and enjoy the day,


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