What’s good for the goose, no, wait a minute, not at Google.

Google says no to cougar dating – The Globe and Mail.

So, “family friendly” Google has decided to police female sexuality.  Google has removed from its ad pages any that can be identified as Cougar-related, that is, “older woman seeking younger man”.

Huh?  How did that become “wrong”?  Did I miss something? Have we regressed back to the nineteenth century?  Is Victoria the queen?

Now – I’m not a big fan of this particular appellation, but I suppose it’s better than “bitch”.  And while I like my men with a certain air of experience about them, who am I to tell another who they should love, or lust?

Men have no problem when they dump their “old” wives and pick up a trophy wife, a woman younger, thinner,  prettier, and less demanding maybe.  But when women do it, it’s a problem – maybe even signal the end of civilized society as we know it.

Da-da-da-da … Google to the rescue.

Google, the search engine that will point you to girls gone wild and the best pornography on the net (so I’m told) has decided that female-initiated sexuality is too risque for their users.  No more will advertisements of intergenerational dating services, that is, Cougar-related advertisements, pop up on your screen.

Never mind that Google is hypocritical and sexist.  Now, young men everywhere are saved from the temptations of the older, more experienced, more appreciative, less demanding woman.  Mothers can rest in peace knowing that their sons are safe from the roving eye and come-hither looks of their best friends.

And I bet that in the pantheon of protesters, mother’s of young men are the loudest; they have the most to lose.   We don’t have to look too far for an example.  Reports have it that the mother of Madonna’s young man, Jesus, is none too happy he’s with the Material Girl.  Seems she wants to be a grandmother some day, and well, Madge’s days are done in that department.

I say who’s to stop what happens between two consenting adults.  And they both have to be adults.  I’m not advocating  child molestation, Cougar is not a euphemism for pervert.  But what happens between the sheets, or elsewhere for that matter, is none of our business.

Doesn’t Google know, girls just wanna have fun.


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