You can run, but you can’t hide…

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Polanski Petition: A Gesture of Solidarity and an Appeal to Swiss Justice.

Roman Polanski and friends continue to argue that justice has been perverted as the US continues to push ahead with extradition proceedings against the child-rapist.

I’m not sure what people are thinking about in their defense of this man.  Maybe I’m just not that much of a fan of his movies.

Polanski broke his silence recently to speak to the people directly about his case.  He says that he can stay silent no longer and claims that the big bad meanies in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office are pursuing his extradition for political aims.  All I can say is good thing for political aims.  He doesn’t want our pity.  It’s not clear what he wants, except for all this to go away.

The fact is that a 13 year-old girl was raped by Polanski while under the influence of drugs and he fled the country rather than man up and do the time.  And while the woman in question herself has requested that the charges be dropped, it’s more from a sense of “enough already” and a desire to avoid further embarrassment in a case that has dragged on for 33 years longer than it should have.   While Polanski uses her desire for closure as an example of why he can no longer stay silent,  it should be noted that had he done the time when it was given him in the first place, she wouldn’t be wishing it was all over now.

I suppose it’s more a question of just who does Polanski think he is?  Does he really think that he can escape justice by fleeing the US?  Talk about privilege.  Gender, race and class privilege.  And maybe he’s right, maybe his story checks out.  If that’s the case, then the courts will exonerate him.  Just like Michael Jackson.  There should be no fear of the truth.

The fact that he has been free for the last 33 years, living and working publicly and flouting the laws and pronouncements of the US, is an insult to women everywhere, not just the US.  It sends the message that if you’re big enough of an “artiste” and have philosopher friends, then you, too, can flip the finger to the law and avoid the consequences of bad behaviour.

Time for Polanski to grow up, stop his whining and take his medicine.   It could have all been over by now.


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