2010 Began with a Bang – Part 1

January is so done.

Sadly, I didn’t get to write as much as I thought.  So a review of the issues I wanted to comment on in January would be a good thing.

The year opened with news reports of a missing 16 year-old teenager from Barrie who met an older (42 year-old) woman online.  Usually it’s young girls being lured by older men; this was a different take on an all-too familiar story.  The age of consent in Canada is 16 so there was very little anyone could do here.  Fortunately, however, in Texas the age of consent is 17 and the woman was arrested as soon as she deplaned in Texas.  What’s good for the goose….

France announced legislation that would make psychological abuse a crime. We’ve long recognized the invisibility of emotional abuse, but try taking that to court.  A couple of years ago I was walking down the street I live on, a busy street in downtown Hamilton when I found myself behind a couple who were have an extremely stressful time.  He was waving his arms and spewing abuse at her; she was shrinking in her skin and trying to get away from him.   No one was paying attention, everyone was in their cars.  Except me.  I followed them down the street (at a safe distance).   It went on for two big city blocks.They stopped in the parking lot of a gas station where I went in and called the police.  I thought if a police car could just drive by, maybe he would stop his rant, give him an opportunity to just stop.  It’s not like there’s no cop cars in this neighbourhood.  Dispatch didn’t see it the same way I did.  “Is he hitting her?” was all they had to offer.  They said that unless he was hitting her, there wasn’t anything they could do.  In fact, I got the sense that Dispatch thought I should mind my own business.  Good on France.

The Cougarhood had perhaps it first fatality with the implosion of the careers of the Prime Minister of Ireland Peter Robinson and his politician wife, Iris (59) over her affair with a man 40 years her junior.  Popular culture has been playing up the cougar and her prowling ways with a light humoured wink-wink.  It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, eh, and finds themselves secluded in a convent coming to terms with their rapacious ways.  In other cougar-related news, Carnival Cruise Lines has declined a booking for a second Cougar themed cruise, stating that there was no room for such themed events on their ships.  Families don’t take too kindly to old women poaching their young sons, I guess.  And down under in New Zealand, fur is flying over an Air New Zealand advert that plays up the cougar theme to the extreme in order to sell seats.  It didn’t go over too well with some women’s groups, rape survivors and Air New Zealand employees.  No kidding.

Next up:  Tiger’s women, passing lights and off with her veil…


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