Toronto Women’s Bookstore

This note was forwarded to me on a list I belong to.  I’m sending it here.

If any of you are in the vicinity – stop in, browse the shelves and buy a book or two.  Small independent booksellers provide a service that you can’t find in Chapters or at  And if you’ve got time, take a moment and stop in at Good For Her and buy yourself an holiday gift for being such a good girl.

The Toronto Women’s Bookstore is in extreme danger of closing down.

I have worked there for over 6 years and it’s changed my life, as well as many of my friends lives. I am asking all of you to drop off cheques, send money, shop at the store and create your own event to help this amazing institution. Independent bookstores all over are in jeopardy, Pages has already closed down, and all of us will suffer if we don’t help TWB and other indie bookstores. Please support in any way possible. The store will be sending out a community email this week but I am taking the initiative to start generating some funds. I will be planning a fundraiser as well, with folks who would like to support. If you have any questions please email me. for more info on the store go to:

in solidarity rosina kazi lal/community centre


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